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Our Story

Choosing love from the start

Love 'EM seeks to provide comfortable, quality apparel for our customers with the ambition of inspiring love and generosity in our communities.


Love ‘EM strives to be more than just our apparel but about the conversations and love our messages help to create. Our apparel is the advocate of our voices. We envision this being a brand that will be known globally for encouraging love, bringing people together, and helping to better the world for the next generation. 

We hope to inspire kindness, love and generosity through mobilizing individuals to make a change in their community through sharing love with everyone they encounter, no matter what. Being okay with being uncomfortable, simply to make someone else happy, and being blessed in return. 


Our name, "Love ‘EM" has two meanings. The first is, love them (everybody) no matter the differences in what one does or believes, how one looks, or where they come from. With so much hate in this world, it is our responsibility to show and spread love as much as we can. We may not understand why someone acts out in a certain manner, but we can understand that it is not our job to judge them. We believe that we’d all be happier if we just love ‘em, just like God does. 

The second meaning is more personal. With this being our family legacy, we chose to incorporate our beloved children into our name by using their middle and last initials, E & M. The unity, compassion, and devotion of our family is the hallmark of our name.



More than a clothing company. We want to leave a legacy of love and generosity for those around us no matter what.


The family you get to choose. We believe friends support and love one another during good and bad times. 


Serve and uplift the community we live in. We are passionate about giving back and ensure a part of every purchase goes to a local charity or business we believe in. We are intentional about partnering with small businesses and other members of the BIPOC community.

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